Here are the patch notes for Call of Duty: Vanguard’s season 1.5 update

The first major update for Call of Duty: Vanguard in 2022 is just around the corner—and the patch notes are already available.

Sledgehammer Games revealed today that the Vanguard season 1.5 update will go live today, Jan. 11, at 6pm CT. The patch is set to feature a plethora of changes, including bug fixes, weapon balancing, and spawn logic adjustments.

Most notably for fans of public multiplayer, Incendiary Grenades have been nerfed. The Dauntless and Fortified perks have also been adjusted to help players deal with the multiple sources of fire damage in Vanguard. Sledgehammer even “reduced how long players are affected by Stun Grenades,” which should be a welcome change for competitive and casual players alike.

In addition, the Mortar Barrage killstreak should be slightly less annoying moving forward since its duration and number of strikes have been reduced. The M1 Garand, Type 99, 3-Line Rifle, and Kar98k were the weapons that Sledgehammer targeted in this patch. The devs also “adjusted some of those crazy Control spawns and remedied a few issues resulting in packet burst.”

Sledgehammer made sure to let fans know that it has heard the community’s feedback and criticism of Vanguard. The devs said that we “can expect more updates coming to Vanguard before Season 2.”

Here are the full multiplayer patch notes for Vanguard’s season 1.5 update.



Weapons and equipment: Bug fixes

Weapons and equipment: Balancing changes



You can read about the upcoming Zombies content update in Sledgehammer and Treyarch’s blog posts.

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