Vanguard controller settings and preferences for all Call of Duty League players

Battle Beaver is on top for yet another Call of Duty League season in terms of players’ controller preferences, taking down SCUF despite not having any direct sponsorship with the league or any franchise. And some new players have arrived with a few unique settings heading into 2022.

Yet to be officially announced, one of Boston’s potential rookies Nero is the only player in the league playing on an 8-8 sensitivity. One notch below, we have Octane, Gismo, Priestahh, and Dashy all on 7-7. The most popular sensitivity is 6-6, with over 80 percent of the league using this setting. At the lower end, Accuracy and Cellium are both playing on 5-5, while Florida Mutineers rookie Davpadie is playing on a unique 5-4. He’s the only player playing with a different horizontal and vertical sensitivity.

As for button layouts, most players are on either Default or Tactical, with the exception of aBeZy and HyDra, who are both using their own unique layouts. ABeZy is on Stick & Move, while HyDra is playing on Bumper Jumper but sometimes uses Default.

Battle Beaver has around 35 players out of 52 using its controller, with the exception of a few players I couldn’t confirm due to sponsorship deals with SCUF and either themselves or their franchise.

The settings listed below are compiled mostly from Twitch commands, which sometimes aren’t always updated. For the players who don’t stream, I reached out to them privately for their settings. These could change throughout the season.

Here are the controller settings and preferences for all Call of Duty League players in Vanguard.