Here’s what every LPL roster looks like in 2022

The LPL yoyoed back into contention in 2021 after failing to retain the Summoner’s Cup the previous year.

EDward Gaming secured the title at the League of Legends World Championship, which took place in Reykjavík, Iceland in October and November, putting the region back on top. But despite China’s continued success on the international stage, teams, both big and small, have made roster moves this offseason.

Here are all the updated rosters for the LPL heading into 2022.

Anyone’s Legend

Bilibili Gaming

EDward Gaming

FunPlus Phoenix

Invictus Gaming

JD Gaming

LGD Gaming

LNG Esports

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Oh my God

Rare Atom


Team WE

TT Gaming

Top Esports

Ultra Prime

Weibo Gaming

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